General questions

You need a corporate lawyer to protect you and watch your back.  A well-drafted agreement is like a good insurance policy in the event of a dispute or litigation. A good corporate lawyer will also provide solid advice and judgment, identify significant risks and help negotiate key terms in a transaction.
The first step is to schedule a free telephone consultation.  We can then start representing you or your company as soon as (i) we establish that there are no potential conflicts of interest (e.g., that we do not represent a party on the other side of your transaction); and (ii) you execute our standard engagement letter and pay the requisite retainer deposit.
Paralegals are valued as key members of our Client Services teams. Our paralegals work closely with our lawyers and other staff on all phases of cases and transactions, helping us deliver services effectively and manage workflow efficiently

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We have created a new business model designed for entrepreneurs and startups looking for an alternative to the big law firms. At Adisa & Associates Law Firm, we only have senior lawyers with 10-25 years of experience handling your project — and all of our lawyers have been trained at the big firms.  You thus get the best of both worlds.
We provide a broad range of corporate legal services — from idea to exit — i.e., from startup counseling and general corporate matters to angel and venture capital financings to mergers, acquisitions and sales of businesses.  Unlike most law firms that have many different departments and specialties, we only do one thing: draft and negotiate corporate documents. You can find a complete list of our services on the Practice Areas page.
It depends.  We will get on the phone with you at no charge and discuss your project and the billing options. For certain matters, for example, we may be able to provide a fixed or flat fee, which means that no matter how long it takes us to complete the project, you only pay one fee.  This can be very appealing to entrepreneurs and startups on a tight budget.

Career questions

As a Career Paralegal, you’ll have significant responsibility and lots of opportunity for professional growth. You’ll build on your prior experience to take on new and interesting opportunities, including advanced project management, research, due diligence and other specialized roles.
We want our staff to grow and have a career path with us, so we offer a comprehensive skills and teamship training curriculum. Our leadership training for managers and directors covers everything from coaching and inspiring your team to building your personal brand.
A Focus on Family Friendliness and Health & Wellness: We offer comprehensive benefits, including some extra perks. Backup child care is available, along with a wide range of innovative family-friendly support like discounted tutoring and test preparation services for students of all ages, and eldercare planning and long-term care assistance.